The staff at MITS are dedicated to your IT wellbeing. Each staff member has individual skill sets and interests. You can find out about us by clicking on the links below.

Michael - MITS owner

Staff - Michael (MITS Owner)

Hi I'm Michael and I am the owner/principal of MITS. I have a wide range of interests that include more than IT. Within IT I am passionate about freedom of choice, personal privacy, security, and networking. I have been using Windows since 3.1, Linux since Red Hat 7 and then Ubuntu 7.04. Currently I mainly use Windows 10, Debian 9, and Cobber 2019 (this is my primary OS).

Outside of IT I am passionate about the environment, cars, and animals. I am a mechanic by trade (since 1985) and an educator by profession (7-12 HSIE since 2001, K-6 since 2012, VET since 2018).

My IT Qualifications - Certifications

While my formal qualifications/certifications are few I have been working on and building computers since the early 1990s. I am currently working through a list of qualifications to obtain that I believe will not only benefit me but will also benefit MITS clients.

I will update this list, with dates, when I obtain each new qualification.



Professional Development

Over and above the list above in order to keep up with the latest in IT I am also a member of:

My current systems

Future plans include:

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Contact: Coming soon

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