MITS offers various services to help you maintain your IT system. These services include but are not limited to:

Our labour charges are fair and reasonable, each repair job starts with a prepaid $50 diagnostic fee to ensure that all jobs are legitimate. Jobs that continue on past diagnostics have the diagnostic fee reimbursed. Our "workshop" rate is $100/hr, regardless of the work being done, with a minimum charge of 1 hour.

MITS Basic service

At MITS we class a basic service as doing the maintainance work that a PC owner should know how to do themselves. This means we will create an initial backup of your system, scan your PC for malware using the OS native tools, run Disk Cleanup (this will empty your Recycle Bin (Rubbish Bin) and remove temporary files), run error check which will check your file system for errors, and we will then defragment your file system, after this we will create another backup of your system.

The charge for this is the $50 diagnostic fee if it is done at MITS office.

MITS Build service

At MITS we can build you a single PC or a group of PCs. Over the years we have built many systems from the old 386 & 486 (from the early 1990s) to the latest Intel i7 processors and associated motherboards.

We can advise you on hardware and software, or build a system that you choose the hardware and software. We can organise the parts for the build or you can provide them for us to fit.

The charge for this is based on our hourly rate.

MITS Cleaning service

If you have read, and understood, the Security page you will have some understanding of how IT systems are compromised. If you haven't read the Security page please do so now. The purpose of this page is to show how the dedicated staff at MITS clean your IT system of "cyber infections".

Methods used to clean IT systems

In the old days IT techs used to carry boxes of 3 1/2" floppies with various antivirus programs and swap them over to find a floppy that would clean the PC of the infection. Nowadays IT techs carry USB drives that are setup to multiboot into the modern versions of the cleaning programs. I have a 128 GB USB3 flash drive to do this. To check, and clean, your PC I connect the USB drive and start your PC. When your PC starts I will check that it will boot to the USB and NOT to the Hard Drive (HDD) or the Solid State Drive (SSD) (which ever your PC has) that way the infection is contained and cannot move into the PCs memory (RAM). Once the PC has started and is running from the USB drive we select various programs and scan your PC for infections. If we find an infection we look at what it is and then decide the best way to deal with it.

It is important that you, the PC owner, understand that not all infections can be removed. There are times that the infection has only just been discovered in the wild (this means it is not contained at all on any systems around the world) and the international IT community is working on a way to inoculate IT systems against it, or to remove it totally. In cases like this the infection is quarantined so it cannot do anything and it can be removed totally at a later date when a method of removal is devised.

On my 128 GB USB3 flash drive I have a wide range of tools for cleaning IT systems. Some of these are freely available while others are paid for by, and licensed to, me. Some of these have a one time cost, others have a yearly subscription fee.

Other tools I have enable me to access your system and reset your password if someone else has accessed it via the internet or if you have forgotten it so you can get back to work as quickly as possible (n.b. I will only do this with the person who has forgotten or lost their password present.

The charge for this is based on our hourly rate.

MITS Network service

The majority of computers are now part of a network either at home or at a business. Because of this it is important that your network is setup properly. This means having the network setup with the highest level of security using a strong password that is difficult to guess and/or crack and limiting who is able to access it.

A trap, many, people fall into when choosing their network infrastructure is choosing hardware (e.g. routers) that look like they are from the future. The old adage "you get what you pay for" doesn't always work, another old adage that "if it looks good it must be good" also doesn't always work.

Over the years I have tried/used many different pieces of network equipment, some good, some great, some mediocre, and some just bad. I'm not going to drop any particular brand names here (I don't want to be sued) but I do suggest if you are building your own network without help do your research and don't always believe glowing reports of how wonderful any particular product is.

If you ask for our advice I will suggest products that we have had good experiences with. We won't suggest manufacturers or products we have had poor experiences with. If you ask us "what about {insert brand or product name here}?" we will answer your question to the best of our knowledge or simply advise against using it.

If you look at our individual staff pages you will see a list of products we currently use. We use these products and list them on our individual staff page because they work. These are by no means the only products we have used but they are products we know that work as they are supposed to.

The charge for this is based on our hourly rate.

MITS Repurposing old PCs service

At MITS we repurpose old computers so that even though they wont run the latest version of Windows they can still be useful. To do this we can install a different operating system (OS) such as:

If you would like your computer repurposed for your use, or even to give away to someone else, please feel free to contact us and discuss your options.

The charge for this is free if the PC is being gifted to a charity otherwise the charge is the $50 diagnostic fee if it is done at MITS office.

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