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Genesis 1 Discussion

Post by Michael_AU » Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:49 am

To me Genesis 1 reads like an account that has been dictated to the author. It is almost like a recount for a legal proceeding where the order of events is explained in as fine a detail as possible so there is no confusion about what happened when, how, who by, and why.

Elohim (God speaks) made the Heavens and Earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Everything was dark and formless and darkness was over the face of the deep. What is the Deep? To the western mind we think deep water and in some ways this is correct but there is more to this "deep" that meets the eye. It is the earliest description of creation and it is the very basic form that Elohim (God speaks) created and then worked to perfection.

Take note that even before the the Sun and Moon were created there was Evening and Morning. Elohim said "let there be light" and the was. Where did this light come from? not the sun as it wasn't created yet. Ok so where? the simple answer is from Elohim. Elohim said "let there be light" so there was light, it come from Elohim himself.

A point I would like to make right now is time as we know it was recognised even before the celestial forms we call Sun, Moon, Stars, that longer lengths of measurement of time are based on were made. A day begins with a new morning because it says "there was evening and morning, one day." The concept of a new day beginning at midnight is a much more modern concept, to ancient man in the Bible a new day started with the sun rising.

With the actual act of creation I see an emphatic command for each act. In English is says "and God said "let there be"". In Hebrew I read it as "Elohim (God Speaks) said "let there be"". God speaking is powerful enough for anything to happen but he not only spoke he spoke about what was going to happen. It was an emphatic comment and it happened because it was a command from Elohim (God Speaks).

The rest of Genesis 1 lays out the order of Creation. After light Elohim separated the waters of the deep. The waters had an "expanse", sometimes called a firmament, made between them. What is an expanse or firmament? It is merely a defined surface. If we go to the waters edge we see the surface of the water. If we fill a glass we can see where the water starts. To me this is the point where the "deep" changes from what I can only describe as a mist (which we know is water) to liquid water. Evening and morning the 2nd day.

On day 3 Elohim tells the waters (as in liquid) to "gather together" and this causes dry land to appear. The interesting thing with this verse is that the Hebrew word that we translate to "gather together" (יִקָּו֨וּ) only appears once in the Bible and this is it. The word comes from the Hebrew word קָוָה which means wait. I, personally, do not know how the translators translated יִקָּו֨וּ to "gather together" but it makes sense, to me, that the waters "gathered together" and in so doing dry land was able to appear. Elohim then makes it possible for for vegetation to grow but he also created diversity within plants. Evening and morning, the 3rd day.

Then we have the Sun and Moon and Stars that rule the day and night. Remember Elohim already created light but here we have light coming from something other than Elohim himself.The purpose of the sun, moon, and stars is to separate the light from the dark. The earth, even at night, is never in complete darkness and this is because Elohim created the sun (which provides light during the day), the moon (which reflects light from the sun onto the earth at night), and the stars (which shine their light so that we can tell what season it is). Evening and morning, the 4th day.

Now Elohim creates animal life. Sea creatures and birds are all created on this day and they are given the ability to multiply. Just like plants Elohim created diversity in animals. Evening and morning, the 5th day.

Elohim turns his attention to filling the land with life just like he did with the sea and the air. Elohim said "let the earth bring forth", I don't really think that English phrase does this any justice, why? because to me this is more than the earth opening up and letting something out. The Hebrew word תּוֹצֵ֨א "towse" only appears once in the bible and it comes from the word יָצָא "yatsa" which means went. When we leave a house it is not the house "bringing forth" it is us leaving the house, e.g. "he went from the house". Land animals went from the earth, they were originally part of the earth, not inside and hidden by but actually part of it. How is this possible? We will see when Elohim creates Adam (human).

Now that the earth is populated with plants all all kinds, fish of all kinds, birds of all kinds, and animals of all kinds, Elohim says "Let US make man in OUR image, in OUR likeness". Three times Elohim uses a plural to describe himself Us, Our, Our. He doesn't say "Let me make man in my image, in my likeness" as a person talking only of themselves would do. Here we have the very 1st hint that Elohim is more than 1. As with all other life Elohim created he gave Adam (human) the ability to multiply but he also gave Adam (human) freedom on earth to eat of the fruit (plants) of the earth.

You may be wondering why has Michael left out that at the end of each day Elohim saw that what he had created was good. I have done this rather deliberately because in our society the word "good" has connotations that I do not believe was supposed to be implied here. The word translated into English as Good in Genesis 1 is טֽוֹב׃ "towb". Now towb can mean a few different things but to me it doesn't mean good as in opposite to bad but it means good as in it is exactly what it was supposed to be as in it fits the purpose it was designed for.
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