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Discussion: Titles given to Mary are they biblical?

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:07 am
by Michael_AU
I have always wondered why Mary is held in such esteem by various denominations within Christianity. I have tried to discuss this with people but the replies I receive vary from "it is disrespectful to discuss Jesus' mother" to "Our Lord would not be pleased". The desire for truth pushes me to continue asking why is Mary held in such esteem and why are people so reluctant to discuss it openly and without bias.

Here is a list of titles given to Mary, Wife of Joseph and Mother of Jesus. How many of these are Biblical? how are they Biblical? There are a few that are actually titles (names) of God and Christ yet it seems Mary has been given them as well so I am wondering what is the Biblical justification of these names for Mary. Just so you know there are, so far, 708 titles in this list (please note Jesus has at least 102 that are Biblical which is 606 less than Mary has in this list). If anyone can provide Biblical justification for these I'd appreciate it. BTW there are some I do agree with but by far the majority just seem to be excessive.
Here are links to where these titles have been found and compiled into this list. ... -mary.html ... rgin-mary/

Biblical titles/names
Blessed Among Women Luke 1:42 from the Greek Εὐλογημένη (Eulogēmenē = literally means "I speak well of" but refers to what God gives) σὺ (sy = you, personal pronoun) ἐν (en = with) γυναιξίν (gynaixin = women). Note Εὐλογημένη (Eulogēmenē) is only used 2 times in ten New Testament and the other time is talking about the coming Kingdom of Heaven.
Favoured with Grace (or Favoured One) Luke 1:28 from the Greek κεχαριτωμένη (kecharitōmenē) This is not on any list from the links at the beginning of this topic, why? It is direct from the Bible yet it is not used on any list devoted to Mary.
Handmaid of the Lord Luke 1:38 from the Greek δούλη (doulē = handmaid) Κυρίου (Kyriou = Lord, Master, sir, the Lord). The word Κυρίου (Kyriou) indicates ownership as in Mary is God's property to do with as he pleases. Note this and Luke 1:48 below are the only time δούλη (doulē = handmaid) is used in the New Testament so it is a title Mary has given to herself showing that she acknowledges that God is sovereign over her.
Handmaiden Luke 1:48 from the Greek δούλη (doulē = handmaid). This is not on any list from the links at the beginning of this topic, why? It is direct from the Bible yet it is not used on any list devoted to Mary.
Mother the Lord Luke 1:43 From the Greek μήτηρ (mētēr = mother) τοῦ (tou = the, definite article) Κυρίου (Kyriou = Lord, master, the Lord). This is not on any list from the links at the beginning of this topic, why? It is direct from the Bible yet it is not used on any list devoted to Mary.

Non-Biblical titles/names
Abbess of Carmel
Adam’s Deliverance
Advocate of Eve
Advocate of Sinners
All Chaste
All Fair and Immaculate
All Good
Annunciation by Saint Gabriel
Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin
Aqueduct of Grace
Archetype of Purity and Innocence
Ark Gilded by the Holy Spirit
Ark of the Covenant
Assumption into Heaven
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Basillica of Saint Mary Major
Blessed Virgin Mary
Blossoming Vine
Bridal Chamber of the Lord
Bride of Christ
Bride of Heaven
Bride of the Canticle
Bride of the Father
Bride Unbrided
Cause of Our Joy
Chosen Before the Ages
Comforter of the Afflicted
Comfort of Christians
Conceived Without Original Sin
Consoler of the Afflicted
Court of the Eternal King
Created Temple of the Creator
Crown of Virginity
Daughter of Men
David’s Daughter
Deliverer From All Wrath
Deliverer of Christian Nations
Destroyer of Heresies
Destroyer of Heresy
Dispenser of Grace
Divine Testament
Dwelling Place for God
Dwelling Place Meet for God
Dwelling Place of the Illimitable
Dwelling Place of the Spirit
Earth Unsown
Earth Untouched and Virginal
Eastern Gate
Espousal of the Virgin Mary
Ever Green and Fruitful
Ever Virgin
Eve’s Tears Redeeming
Exalted Above the Angels
Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
Feast of the Immaculate Conception
First Born Sister
Fleece of Heavenly Rain
Flower of Carmel
Flower of Jesse’s Root
Formed Without Sin
Forthbringer of God
Forthbringer of the Ancient of Days
Forthbringer of the Tree of Life
Foundress of the Order
Fountain of Living Water
Fountain Sealed
Free From Every Stain
Fruitful Virgin of Carmel
Full of Grace
Garden Enclosed
Gate of Heaven
Glory of Israel (1 Samuel 15:29 is actually a Title for God)
God’s Eden
God’s Olive Tree
God’s Vessel
Guardian of Carmel
Head of Carmel
Healing Balm of Integrity
Health of the Sick
Helper of All in Danger
Helper of Carmelites
Help of Christians (Hebrews 13:6 this is a title of God's) Pope Pius V gave it to Mary ... tians.html
Holy in Soul and Body
Holy Mary
Holy Mother of God
Holy Mountain of Our Lady
Holy Protection of the Mother of God
Holy Virgin of Virgins
Hope of Carmel
Hope of Christians
House Built by Wisdom
House of Gold
Humility of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Immaculate Conception
Immaculate Heart
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Immaculate Mary
Immaculate Mother
Immaculate Queen
Immaculate Virgin
Incorruptible Wood of the Ark
Inventrix of Grace
Joseph’s Spouse
Joy of the Just
Kingly Throne
King’s Mother
Lady Most Chaste
Lady Most Venerable
Lady of Charity
Lady of Counsel
Lady of Good Help
Lady of Grace
Lady of Mercy
Lady of Peace
Lady of Perpetual Help
Lady of Prompt Succor
Lady of Providence
Lady of Ransom
Lady of Sorrows
Lady of Tears
Lady of the Golden Heart
Lady of the Holy Souls
Lady of the Rosary
Lady of Victory
Lamp Unquenchable
Life-Giver to Posterity
Light Cloud of Heavenly Rain
Lily Among Thorns
Living Temple of the Deity
Loom of the Incarnation
Madonna del Pilerio
Madonna of Giubino
Madonna of Miracles
Madonna of Saint Luke
Madonna of the Miracles
Marketplace for Salutary Exchange
Mary, Blessed Virgin
Mary, Help of Christians
Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces
Mary, Mother of God
Mary of the Assumptions
Mary of the Hurons
Mary, Queen of Africa
Mary, Queen of Angels
Mary, Queen of Peace
Mary’s Immaculate Conception
Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit
Mary, Star of the Sea
Mary the Blessed Virgin
Mary, Virgin Mother of Grace
Mater Dei
Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Mediatrix and Conciliatrix
Mediatrix of All Grace
Mediatrix of Salvation
Mediatrix of the Mediator
Merciful Mother of Carmelites
Minister of Life
Mirror of Justice
Mistress of the Order
More Beautiful Than Beauty
More Glorious Than Paradise
More Gracious Than Grace
More Holy Than the Cherubim, the Seraphim, and the Entire Angelic Hosts
Morning Star (Revelation 22:16 is a Title of God's)
Most Holy Name of Mary
Most Serene Princess of Carmelites.
Most Venerable
Mother and Ornament of Carmel
Mother and Virgin
Mother Inviolate
Mother Most Admirable
Mother Most Amiable
Mother Most Chaste
Mother Most Pure
Mother of Carmel
Mother of Christ
Mother of Christians
Mother of Christ’s Members
Mother of Divine Grace
Mother of God
Mother of Good Counsel
Mother of Jesus Christ
Mother of Men
Mother of Mercy
Mother of Orphans
Mother of Our Creator
Mother of Our Head
Mother of Our Redeemer
Mother of Our Savior
Mother of Perpetual Help
Mother of Sorrows
Mother of the Carmelite Family
Mother of the Church
Mother of the Mystical Body
Mother of the Order
Mother of the Poor
Mother of the Son
Mother of Wisdom
Mother Thrice Admirable
Mother Undefiled
My Body’s Healing
My Soul’s Saving
Mystical Rose
Nature’s Re-Creation
Nature’s Restoration
Neck of the Mystical Body
Never Fading Wood
New Eve
Notre Dame of Chartres
Notre Dame of Easton
Notre Dame of Paris
Nourisher of God and Man
Olive Tree of the Father’s Compassion
Only Bridge of God to Men
Our Immaculate Queen
Our Lady, Cause of Our Joy
Our Lady de Gray ... -gray.html
Our Lady de la Breche ... reche.html
Our Lady de la Treille ... eille.html
Our Lady della Croce ... croce.html
Our Lady D'Iron
Our Lady, Gate of Heaven
Our Lady, Help of Christians
Our Lady in America
Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace
Our Lady, Mother of the Church
Our Lady of Abundance (Probably the same as below)
Our Lady of Abundance or Prosperity ... dance.html
Our Lady of Acheropita ... opita.html
Our Lady of Africa ... frica.html
Our Lady of Aix-la-Chapelle ... pelle.html
Our Lady of Akita
Our Lady of Alba Royale
Our Lady of Alexandria ... ndria.html
Our Lady of All Help ... -help.html
Our Lady of Almudena ... udena.html
Our Lady of Altagracia
Our Lady of Altotting
Our Lady of Amiens ... miens.html
Our Lady of Angels ... ngels.html
Our Lady of Angels Toulouse ... louse.html
Our Lady of Apareceda ... ecida.html
Our Lady of Apparitions ... tions.html
Our Lady of Arabia
Our Lady of Arabida ... abida.html
Our Lady of Ardents ... dents.html
Our Lady of Ardilliers ... liers.html
Our Lady of Argenteuil ... teuil.html
Our Lady of Arras ... arras.html
Our Lady of Atocha ... tocha.html
Our Lady of Baeuraing
Our Lady of Bandel
Our Lady of Bandra
Our Lady of Banneux
Our Lady of Bavaria
Our Lady of Beaumont ... umont.html
Our Lady of Beauraing ... raing.html
Our Lady of Begoña
Our Lady of Belle Fontaine ... taine.html
Our Lady of Benoite-Vaux ... -vaux.html
Our Lady of Bessiere ... siere.html
Our Lady of Betharam ... haram.html
Our Lady of Bethlehem ... lehem.html
Our Lady of Bolougne ... ougne.html
Our Lady of Bonaria ... naria.html
Our Lady of Bonport ... nport.html
Our Lady of Bourbourg ... bourg.html
Our Lady of Bows ... -bows.html
Our Lady of Bruges ... ruges.html
Our Lady of Buch ... -buch.html
Our Lady of Buglose ... glose.html
Our Lady of Calais ... alais.html
Our Lady of Calevourt ... vourt.html
Our Lady of Calvary
Our Lady of Cambray ... mbray.html
Our Lady of Cambron ... mbron.html
Our Lady of Campitelli ... telli.html
Our Lady of Cana ... -cana.html
Our Lady of Caravaggio
Our Lady of Carquere
Our Lady of Castelbruedo ... ruedo.html
Our Lady of Charity ... arity.html
Our Lady of Chartres ... rtres.html
Our Lady of Chatillion ... llion.html
Our Lady of Chievres ... evres.html
Our Lady of Clairvaux ... rvaux.html
Our Lady of Clemency ... mency.html
Our Lady of Clermont ... rmont.html
Our Lady of Clery ... clery.html
Our Lady of Clos-Evrard ... vrard.html
Our Lady of Compassion ... ssion.html
Our Lady of Confidence
Our Lady of Conquest ... quest.html
Our Lady of Consolation ... ation.html
Our Lady of Constantinople ... nople.html
Our Lady of Copacabana ... abana.html
Our Lady of Coromoto
Our Lady of Coutances ... ances.html
Our Lady of Covadonga ... donga.html
Our Lady of Craganor ... ganor.html
Our Lady of Czestochowa ... chowa.html
Our Lady D'Iron ... -iron.html
Our Lady of Damietta ... ietta.html
Our Lady of Deliverance ... rance.html
Our Lady of Didinia ... dinia.html
Our Lady of Dijon ... dijon.html
Our Lady of Divine Providence ... dence.html
Our Lady of Dordrecht ... recht.html
Our Lady of Edessa ... dessa.html
Our Lady of Egypt ... egypt.html
Our Lady of Einsiendeln ... ndeln.html
Our Lady of Emminont ... inont.html
Our Lady of Esquernes ... ernes.html
Our Lady of Europe
Our Lady of Exile ... exile.html
Our Lady of Faith ... faith.html
Our Lady of Fatima ... atima.html
Our Lady of Fire ... -fire.html
Our Lady of Flines ... lines.html
Our Lady of Foi
Our Lady of Fourviere ... viere.html
Our Lady of Foy
Our Lady of France ... rance.html
Our Lady of Genazzano ... zzano.html
Our Lady of Genesta ... nesta.html
Our Lady of Gifts ... gifts.html
Our Lady of Giubino
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Our Lady of Good Deliverance ... rance.html
Our Lady of Good Haven ... haven.html
Our Lady of Good Health
Our Lady of Good Help ... -help.html
Our Lady of Good News ... -news.html
Our Lady of Good Remedy ... emedy.html
Our Lady of Good Success
Our Lady of Good Tidings ... dings.html
Our Lady of Good Tidings, Lempdes ... mpdes.html
Our Lady of Grace ... grace.html
Our Lady of Grace, Normandy ... mandy.html
Our Lady of Grace, Paris ... paris.html
Our Lady of Great Power ... power.html
Our Lady of Guadalupe ... alupe.html
Our Lady of Guadalupe of Estramadura
Our Lady of Guam ... -guam.html
Our Lady of Guard ... guard.html
Our Lady of Guidance ... dance.html
Our Lady of Guides ... uides.html
Our Lady of Happy Assembly ... embly.html"
Our Lady of Haut ... -haut.html"
Our Lady of Helbron ... lbron.html
Our Lady of Highest Grace
Our Lady of High Grace
Our Lady of Hildesheim ... sheim.html
Our Lady of Hungary
Our Lady of Ireland ... eland.html
Our Lady of Japan
Our Lady of Justinienne ... ienne.html
Our Lady of Kazan ... kazan.html
Our Lady of Kevelaer
Our Lady of Kieff ... kieff.html
Our Lady of Kiev ... -kiev.html
Our Lady of Knock ... knock.html
Our Lady of Kuehn ... kuehn.html
Our Lady of La Carolle ... rolle.html
Our Lady of Lac Bouchet ... uchet.html
Our Lady of La Chapelle ... pelle.html
Our Lady of La Guarde ... uarde.html
Our Lady of La Leche
Our Lady of Laon ... -laon.html
Our Lady of La Rochette ... hette.html
Our Lady of La Salette ... lette.html
Our Lady of LaSallette (probably the same as above)
Our Lady of Las Lajas ... lajas.html
Our Lady of Last Agony ... agony.html
Our Lady of Las Vegas
Our Lady of Lavang ... avang.html
Our Lady of La Vang
Our Lady of Lebanon
Our Lady of Liesse ... iesse.html
Our Lady of Life ... -life.html
Our Lady of Light ... light.html
Our Lady of Ligny ... ligny.html
Our Lady of Limerick
Our Lady of Loreto ... oreto.html
Our Lady of Lourdes ... urdes.html
Our Lady of Louvain ... uvain.html
Our Lady of Lujan
Our Lady of Lyons ... lyons.html
Our Lady of Madhu
Our Lady of Mantua ... antua.html
Our Lady of Mariazell
Our Lady of Marienthal ... nthal.html
Our Lady of Marseilles ... illes.html
Our Lady of Matarieh ... arieh.html
Our Lady of Meliapore ... apore.html
Our Lady of Mercy
Our Lady of Meritxell
Our Lady of Milan ... milan.html
Our Lady of Miracles ... acles.html
Our Lady of Miracles Brescia ... escia.html
Our Lady of Miracles Paris ... paris.html
Our Lady of Miracles Rome ... -rome.html
Our Lady of Molanus ... lanus.html
Our Lady of Molene ... olene.html
Our Lady of Mondevi ... ndevi.html
Our Lady of Monte-Senario ... nario.html
Our Lady of Montevergine ... rgine.html
Our Lady of Montserrat ... errat.html
Our Lady of Moreneta ... eneta.html
Our Lady of Mount Carmel ... armel.html
Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Aylesford
Our Lady of Moustier ... stier.html
Our Lady of Moyen Point ... point.html
Our Lady of Myan ... myans.html
Our Lady of Nanteuil ... teuil.html
Our Lady of Naples ... aples.html
Our Lady of Narni ... narni.html
Our Lady of Naval ... naval.html
Our Lady of Nazareth ... areth.html
Our Lady of New ... e-new.html
Our Lady of Oegnies ... gnies.html
Our Lady of Oropa ... oropa.html
Our Lady of Oviedo ... viedo.html
Our Lady of Paris ... paris.html
Our Lady of Peace ... peace.html
Our Lady of Pellevoisin ... oisin.html
Our Lady of Perpetual Help ... -help.html
Our Lady of Pignerol ... nerol.html
Our Lady of Pilar
Our Lady of Pompeii ... mpeii.html
Our Lady of Pontmain ... tmain.html
Our Lady of Pontoise ... toise.html
Our Lady of Port Louis ... louis.html
Our Lady of Power ... power.html
Our Lady of Premontre ... ontre.html
Our Lady of Prompt Succor ... uccor.html
Our Lady of Providence
Our Lady of Pucha ... pucha.html
Our Lady of Puig ... -puig.html
Our Lady of Puy ... f-puy.html
Our Lady of Quito ... quito.html
Our Lady of Ransom ... ansom.html
Our Lady of Ratisbon ... isbon.html
Our Lady of Rennes ... ennes.html
Our Lady of Rheims ... heims.html
Our Lady of Rocamadour ... adour.html
Our Lady of Rocks ... rocks.html
Our Lady of Rossano ... ssano.html
Our Lady of Rouen ... rouen.html
Our Lady of Safe Travel
Our Lady of Safety ... afety.html
Our Lady of Saideneida ... neida.html
Our Lady of Saint Acheul ... cheul.html
Our Lady of Saint John ... -john.html
Our Lady of Saint Luke
Our Lady of Salambao
Our Lady of Sasopoli ... opoli.html
Our Lady of Saussaie ... ssaie.html
Our Lady of Savigny ... vigny.html
Our Lady of Schiedam ... iedam.html
Our Lady of Schier ... chier.html
Our Lady of Scutari
Our Lady of Seez ... -seez.html
Our Lady of Shongweni
Our Lady of Sichem ... ichem.html
Our Lady of Sion ... -sion.html
Our Lady of Smelcem ... elcem.html
Our Lady of Soissons ... ssons.html
Our Lady of Sorrows
Our Lady of Speech ... peech.html
Our Lady of Spire ... spire.html
Our Lady of St Fort Chartres ... rtres.html
Our Lady of Succor
Our Lady of Tables ... ables.html
Our Lady of Talan ... talan.html
Our Lady of Tears ... tears.html
Our Lady of Tears, Spoleto ... oleto.html
Our Lady of Terouenne
Our Lady of the Americas
Our Lady of the Angels
Our Lady of the Armed Forces ... orces.html
Our Lady of the Assumption ... ption.html
Our Lady of the Bells ... bells.html
Our Lady of the Bush ... -bush.html
Our Lady of the Candles ... ndles.html
Our Lady of the Cape
Our Lady of the Cloister ... ister.html
Our Lady of the Conception ... ption.html
Our Lady of the Conception, Flanders ... nders.html
Our Lady of the Conquest
Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd ... pherd.html
Our Lady of the Don ... e-don.html
Our Lady of the Doves ... doves.html
Our Lady of the Empress ... press.html
Our Lady of the Fields ... ields.html
Our Lady of the Flight into Egypt
Our Lady of the Flowering Thorn ... thorn.html
Our Lady of the Forest ... orest.html
Our Lady of the Forests ... rests.html
Our Lady of the Founders ... nders.html
Our Lady of the Fountain ... ntain.html
Our Lady of the Fountain, Constantinople ... pring.html
Our Lady of the Golden Heart
Our Lady of the Grotto Lamego ... amego.html
Our Lady of the Gulf
Our Lady of the Hermits ... rmits.html
Our Lady of the Highways
Our Lady of the Hill ... -hill.html
Our Lady of the Holy Chapel ... hapel.html
Our Lady of the Holy Cross ... cross.html
Our Lady of the Holy Letter
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
Our Lady of the Holy Souls
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
Our Lady of the Incarnation
Our Lady of the Jesuit College ... llege.html
Our Lady of the Kodiak and the Islands
Our Lady of the Lily ... -lily.html
Our Lady of the Milk and Happy Delivery
Our Lady of the Miracles
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal ... medal.html
Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
Our Lady of the Mountains ... tains.html
Our Lady of the Palm ... -palm.html
Our Lady of the Pillar ... illar.html
Our Lady of the Pillar of Saragossa
Our Lady of the Pines
Our Lady of the Place ... place.html
Our Lady of the Pond ... -pond.html
Our Lady of the Portuguese ... guese.html
Our Lady of the Prairie
Our Lady of the Presentation
Our Lady of the Rock ... -rock.html
Our Lady of the Rosary ... osary.html
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart ... heart.html
Our Lady of the Silver Foot ... -foot.html
Our Lady of the Slain ... slain.html
Our Lady of the Snow
Our Lady of the Snows ... snows.html
Our Lady of the Star ... -star.html
Our Lady of the Star, Portugal ... tugal.html
Our Lady of the Taper ... taper.html
Our Lady of the Thorn ... thorn.html
Our Lady of the Thorns
Our Lady of the Tower ... tower.html
Our Lady of the Turumba
Our Lady of the Underground ... round.html
Our Lady of the Valley ... alley.html
Our Lady of the Vault ... vault.html
Our Lady of the Vine ... -vine.html
Our Lady of the Way ... e-way.html
Our Lady of the Wayside
Our Lady of the Woods ... woods.html
Our Lady of Tongres ... ngres.html
Our Lady of Tortosa ... rtosa.html
Our Lady of Trapani ... apani.html
Our Lady of Treves ... reves.html
Our Lady of Trut ... -trut.html
Our Lady of Valvenere ... enere.html
Our Lady of Vaussivieres ... ieres.html
Our Lady of Verdun ... erdun.html
Our Lady of Victories ... ories.html
Our Lady of Victory ... panto.html
Our Lady of Victory, Senlis ... enlis.html
Our Lady of Victory, Spain ... spain.html
Our Lady of Victory, Tourney ... urney.html
Our Lady of Victory, Valois ... alois.html
Our Lady of Virtues ... rtues.html
Our Lady of Vivonne ... vonne.html
Our Lady of Vladimir ... dimir.html
Our Lady of Walsingham ... ngham.html
Our Lady of Washington
Our Lady of Zapopan ... popan.html
Our Lady of Zell ... -zell.html
Our Lady, Queen of All Saints
Our Lady Queen of Peace
Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles
Our Lady Refuge of Sinners
Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners
Our Lady, Star of the Sea
Our Lady the Helper ... elper.html
Our Lady Who Appeared
Our Own Sweet Mother
Paradise Fenced Against the Serpent
Paradise of Innocence and Immortality
Paradise of the Second Adam
Paradise Planted by God
Patronage of Our Lady
Patroness and Protectoress
Patroness of the Order
Perfume of Faith
Presentation of Mary at the Temple
Preserved From All Sin
Princess of the Family of Elijah
Prioress of the Order
Protectoress From All Hurt
Protectress From All Hurt
Purification of Mary
Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Queen and Mother of Carmelites
Queen assumed into heaven,
Queen Conceived Without Original Sin
Queen of All Saints
Queen of Angels
Queen of Apostles ... stles.html
Queen of Carmel
Queen of Confessors
Queen of Creation
Queen of families,
Queen of Heaven ... ation.html Read Song of Solomon 4 and tell me if you think this is talking about Mary?
Queen of Heaven and Earth
Queen of Martyrs
Queen of Nigeria
Queen of Patriarchs
Queen of peace
Queen of Peace
Queen of Prophets
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
Queen of Virgins
Queenship of Mary
Queen Unconquered
Refuge in Time of Danger
Refuge of Sinners
Reparatrix of Her Parents
Reparatrix of the Lord World
Rich in Mercy
Rose Ever Blooming
Salve Regina
Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit
Scepter of Orthodoxy
Seat of Wisdom
Second Eve
Singular Vessel of Devotion
Sister and Mother
Source of Virginity
Sovereign Queen of Camel
Spiritual Vessel
Spotless Dove of Beauty
Standard-bearer of the Army of Carmel
Star and Cedar of Carmel
Star of the Sea
Star That Bore the Sea
Suppliant for Sinners
Surpassing Eden’s Gardens
Surpassing the Heavens
Surpassing the Seraphim
Sweet and Divine Melody
Sweet Flowering and Gracious Mercy
Sweet Virgin Mary
Tabernacle of God
Tabernacle of the Lord
Tabernacle of the Word
Temple Divine
Temple Indestructible
Temple of the Lord’s Body
Temple of the Most Holy Trinity
The Cloud of Carmel.
The Immaculate Heart
The Lady and the Creator of the Order
The Lady of the Place
The Lawgiver of the Order
The Meet Beautiful Star of Heaven
Throne of the King
Tower of David
Tower of Ivory
Tower Unassailable
Treasure House of God's Graces
Treasure House of Life
Treasure of Immortality
Treasure of the World Undefiled
Undefiled Treasure of Virginity
Undug Well of Remission’s Waters
Unlearned in the Ways of Eve
Unplowed Field of Heaven’s Bread
Unwatered Vineyard of Immortality’s Wine
Vessel of Honor
Victor Over the Serpent
Virgen de la Antigua ... tigua.html
Virgin by the Sea
Virgin Flower of Carmel
Virgin Inviolate
Virgin Most Faithful
Virgin Most Merciful
Virgin Most Powerful
Virgin Most Prudent
Virgin Most Pure
Virgin Most Renowned
Virgin Most Venerable
Virgin Mother
Virgin of Charity
Virgin of Copacabana
Virgin of Sheshan
Virgin of the Battles ... ttles.html
Virgin of the Kings ... kings.html
Virgin of Virgins
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Wedded to God
Woman Clothed With the Sun
Workshop of the Incarnation